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Turtle Tagging gets Tastier!
Begining July 15 through the end of the Trouble with Turtles event we will be extending the Turtle Hat bonus!

For every 100 Turtles you turnin to the Zombie Kids you will get 1 Rough Elunium as well as the EXP. To get that bonus you will need to wear the Turtle hat when you do the turnin!

Of course that bonus Rough Elunium is in addition to the double exp the turnin will give and the ability to push all the EXP into Job exp!

Have fun down on Turtle Island!

Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon Sale!
On all servers we will be offering a box of 5 Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon for a 30% discount! This special offer is available from July 15 - July 29th.

  • Ymir
    • Regularly 500pts -> Discount to 350 points for 5!
  • Valkyrie
    • Regularly 150pts -> Discount to 105 points for 5!
The boxes are tradable on Ymir, but not on Valkyrie.

Trouble with Turtles!
There is a reason they call it Turtle Island. There are way too many TURTLES! From the Permeter, Soldier, and Assulter, to the hot and cold, Heater and Freezer, Turtle Power is EVERYWHERE. For the next 4 weeks we are going to put the spotlight on these creatures and try thin the herd a bit. Zombie Kids will be standing around the exits on floor 2 and 3 in Turtle island to tell you how much they enjoy these magestic creatures:

Don`t be fooled by their cuteness, turtles in packs of 4 or more can be very dangerous. So don`t forget a party!

The Kafra Girls are also helping draw attention to these special creatures by offering Turtle Hat Boxes, which are available until the event end on August 5th!


The box is tradable, and can be purchased for 500 pts.

The below effects are active only during the event:
Default, 3 Def
20% bonus damage to Turtles, and 20% resist turtles.
Double the Turtle hunt quest exp bonuses and allow all the base and Job exp to be focused on either Base or Job.

If it is upgraded to +7 or higher it also gives you 25% bonus exp when hunting ALL monsters. Think of it like a really long use Battle Manual!

This hat is the best way to show your support and to make your time spent down on Turtle Island that much sweeter! Buy one for yourself and a friend!

Crown of Deceit Upgrading Challenge Winners!
Well the upgrade logs have been compiled and sorted through with a fine-tooth comb to make sure all were created equal. All of the valid entries were entered into a random drawing depending on the level of upgrade. The account that performed the upgrading is the one eligible for prizes, not necessarily the one that has the item now. So without further hesitation, the winners are: +8 or higher $15 GoCash Cards: -Heroin- From Ymir Nedbryter From Ymir Ukitake From Ymir He-Chan From Ymir Biochemist-ness From Ymir Tessra From Ymir Tessra From Ymir Yarul White From Ymir HolyShar From Ymir -Selas- From Ymir -Selas- From Ymir -Selas- From Ymir -Selas- From Ymir Queen Rage From Ymir Denied From Ymir Novice Chan From Ymir [Chan] From Ymir |[]| Edward Elric |[]| From Ymir SharpWiz From Ymir Tecella From Ymir +9 or higher : Lifetime Subscriptions for Ragnarok Online! Shadowmere From Ymir -Selas- From Ymir He-Chan From Ymir -Heroin- From Ymir Zero_Rieu From Valkyre +10 : Complete refunds of all Purchases for that account in June in the form of Kafra Points! No +10 Crowns of Deceit were created. (better luck next time) Yes some of the winners are on the list more than once, that just means they upgraded that many Crowns! Congratualations again to all of the winner! Expect and email soon with your prize instuctions!

Get a subscription and get another for a friend!
With summer break on for so many of our adventurers we thought it would be great to see some old and new friends join you on your journey!

From June 24th through July 1 Midnight we will give a coupon code for a free 30 day subscription when you get a subscription for your own account!

The way this works is any subscription of 30, 90, or 180 days made will get the code emailed to the registered email for the subscription making account. The email will take place during the next Business day (Monday-Friday). That code can be used on any account you wish; Yours, Friends, Old account or New account! This is also a great time to be sure you still have access to the emails on the accounts for account security pruposes.

We are during this event period you can make a subscription even if you have more than 15 days remaining on your current subscription.

So lets invite some friends to join us this summer!
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