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Added more Game time to Subscribed accounts!
As promised all subscribed accounts will start being Free to Play as of December 20, 2010.

On December 20, 2010 we gave all subscribed accounts 30 days added on, so they were not longer actually "paying" to have access to the Premium servers.

Well again today on January 13, we applied still more game time to subscribed accounts to allow them to be active into at least February 13.

Likely around the start of February we will again add game time to be sure no one has a lapse in game time!

We have lowered our Subscription prices to what we intend it to be for our Free to Play service, and if you want to play free starting now, make sure you have a subscription!

We plan on going Free to Play in early March, if you subscribe now you'll basically be getting about 1.5 months free subscription!

January 13 Event updates!
The Dragon Hunt event is expanded as of January 13!

Currently you may hunt Leaf Cats in Ayothaya from levels 40-80, with a Leaf Cat hat
from the Kafra shop the eden group can warp you right there from any town, and you'll get bonus Exp from the turnin!

All Dragons from Petits, Novus, Ferus and Acidus are spawning twice as much as before! So get your Baby Dragon hat and go hunting!

Petits are Great for level 50-99
Novus 80 - 120
Ferus/Acidus 100-150

If you have the Baby Dragon Hat you can also use the Eden Group to get an easy warp to the hunting location, plus you get bonus Exp when using the Dragon Hat!

Eden Group

HD Elu and HD Ori upcoming changes.
HD Elunium and HD Oridecon will discontinue being sold in the Kafra shop on January 20th. The effect when upgrading will also change to only work on +7 or better equipment on February 3rd.

HD Ores will return at a later date, but their increased effects are only available now.

We have also updated "Mighty Hammer", he should be less talkative so you do not have to go through as much dialogue with him for each upgrade.

Start off 2011 with a bang; and Dragons, definitely Dragons!
We have many holiday events still ongoing. We have our Kafra Point sales and Subscription discounts and a bunch of in-game events too!

Through January 6th we will have the Ice Titan spawn and Turnin event active, which many of you already are participating in; but we now have another option!

All the Dragons all over the world are spawning like Crazy, and the Kafra gals have called upon the help of your old faithful Baby Dragons!

The Baby Dragon Hat is available through January 27th, to help you cull the hoards of Dragons the world over. And if you have a Baby Dragon Hat at +7 or higher you also get double the Exp/Jexp from those dragons!

We also have brought back the +30x boxes of all the +10 stat foods, and have put in HE Battle Manual Boxes and HE Bubble Gum Boxes until January 13th.

WoE is reenabled on all servers as of 12/29, and
Yggdrasil has its own WoE time of Wednesday and Saturday 5-7pm PST;
only Valkyrie Realm 3 will be open for now on Yggdrasil.

Happiest of Holidays!

Holiday Special Subscription Prices!
Starting at 3pm PST December 17, 2010 we will be lowering our subscription prices!

The subscription price lowering will duplicate what our intended Premium Subscription Price will be when we become Free to Play in early 2011!

New Subscription Price:
  • 30 Day : 700 WPE
  • 90 Day : 1900 WPE
  • 180 Day : 3350 WPE

As a very special extra bonus, all accounts that have an active Daily subscription on 12/20/2010 will have their subscription time credited with enough time to keep you logged in until our Free to Play launch! In effect if you have a subscription now, you are Free to Play on our Premium servers until we officially become Free to Play.

So input those 14 day codes, subscribe at this new lower rate for a month with your alt accounts, get your friends in, and enjoy Ragnarok with Free Game time!

Happy Holidays!
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