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Holiday Packs are available!
Holidays are here, here is a special Lucky box with some neat new headgears like the ever useful and disturbing "Ride Word Hat" and the funny Rudolf Santa hat.

Oh and Olivia is expecting a bunch of new requests to display her skill with the Elven Ears and Spiritual Augers you get!

Available December 16 - January 6, 2011.
Class A 1x Party Hard Pack
Class A 1x Rideword Hat
Class A 1000x Marvelous Medal

Class B 8x HE Battle Manual
Class B 8x HE Bubble Gum
Class B 1x Pencil_In_Mouth
Class B 800x KVM_Badge

Class C 1x
Elven Ear
Spiritual Auger
Class C 1x Twin Pom Santa
Class C 1x Rudolf Santa Hat
Class C 20x
HD Elunium
HD Oridecon
Class C 6x
Wug Blood Cocktail
Minor Brisket
Siroma Icetea
Drocera Herb Stew
Petti Tail Noodle
Savage BBQ

Class D 1x Slot Advertisement
Class D 10x Spearman Scroll 10
Class D 10x Fencer Scroll 10
Class D 10x Bowman Scroll 10
Class D 8x
Party Assumputio 5 Scroll
Party Blessing 10 Scroll
Party Agility 10 Scroll
Class D 1x Mystical Amplification Scroll 50 Box
Class D 5x
Tasty Pink Ration
Tasty White Ration
Military Ration A
Military Ration B
Military Ration C
Holiday Pack Vender
Lucky Box Opener

Rideword Hat
A hat designed to mimic the look of a terrible magic book which attacks people.
When physically attacking, there is a 5% chance to recover 8% of your damage as HP.
When physically attacking, there is a 1% chance to recover 4% of your damage as SP.
Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds while equipped.

If upgraded to +9 or higher the HP/SP recovered is the following:
When physically attacking, there is a 5% chance to recover 16% of your damage as HP.
When physically attacking, there is a 1% chance to recover 8% of your damage as SP.

Card Slot : 1
Class : Headgear
Defense : 3
Location : Upper
Weight : 40
Required Level : 40
Jobs : All

Pencil In Mouth
A popular snack while taking tests. It makes one look more studious but, it's days may be numbered if it stays in somebody's mouth any longer.
Concept created during the Summer 2008 Create a headgear Contest.
Created by Samias
Dex +2, Hit +3%
Class : Headgear
Defense : 1
Location : Lower
Weight : 10
Required Level : 10
Jobs : All

Twin Pom Santa
A Santa Hat with two pom-poms instead of one for double the Christmas fun!
Luk +3
1 Card Slot
Class : Headgear
Defense : 4
Location : Upper
Weight : 20
Required Level : 20
Jobs : All except Novice

Rudolf Santa Hat
Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny Hat!
Increase by 100% of the recuperative powers of Piece of Cake and Well-baked Cookie items.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 5
Location : Upper
Weight : 40
Required Level : 10
Jobs : All

Spiritual Auger
A special item that Olivia in Payon can use to try to slot Elven Ears!
If she fails or Succeeds both the Elven Ears and the Spiritual Auger will be consumed.
Payon 146 63

Auger can Be Traded and Stored only.
Slotted Elven Ears CANNOT be moved off of an account. So be sure you attempt slotting on the account you want the Slotted Elven Ears on.

Party Hard Pack = This pack is filled with goodies to last for 2.5 hours of high efficiency leveling.
Contains the following items
10 High Efficiency Battle Manuals
10 High Efficiency Bubble Gum
50 Blessing Scrolls
50 Increase Agi Scrolls
50 Assumptio Scrolls
10 Token Of Siegfried
5 Life Insurance
200 Giant Fly Wing

Savage BBQ +20 Str 5 Minutes
Wug Blood Cocktail +20 Int 5 Minutes
Minor Brisket +20 Vit 5 Minutes
Siroma Icetea +20 Dex 5 Minutes
Drocera Herb Stew +20 Agi 5 Minutes
Petti Tail Noodle +20 Luk 5 Minutes
Tasty Pink Ration+15 Attack: 10 Minutes
Tasty White Ration+15% Magic Power: 10 minutes
Military Ration A5% HP Heal
Military Ration B+33 Hit: 10 minutes
Military Ration C+33 Flee: 10 minutes

Hourly Subscription Removed December 13.
As of December 13, 2010 the Ragnarok Online Hourly Subscription will no longer be available for purchase.

Remaining hourly subscription will continue to expire as normal.

We are performing this change to prepare for our eventual shift to Free to Play in early 2011. For more details regarding the Free to Play change please visit our forums.

Big upgrade system update!
The full suite of HD upgrade stones have been released today! With this update you have the opportunity to upgrade without fear of the item completely breaking on a failure!

For the upgrade system we have the following components:

Elunium / Oridecon / Phracon / Emveretacon
Found in-game and used to attempt to upgrade Armor and weapons at a number of regular upgrade NPCs from 0-10.
Basic success chance, on a failure the item is lost.

Carnium / Bradium
Found or created in-game to upgrade Armor and Weapons from 10-20.
Basic Success Chance, on a failure a chance to degrade 3 levels or breaks. NPC is in the Prontera Upgrade shop classroom.

Enriched Elunium / Enriched Oridecon (Suhnbi in Payon)
Upgrade Armor & Weapons at an enhanced rate, on a failure the item is lost. Sold for 30pts.
On Valkyrie allows safe upgrade from:
0 -> 4 : Armor
0 -> 7 : Level 1 Weapon
0 -> 6 : Level 2 Weapon
0 -> 5 : Level 3 Weapon
0 -> 4 : Level 4 Weapon

HD Elunium / HD Oridecon (Mighty Hammer)
Upgrade armor and Weapons from +4 through +10. Uses the normal Rate, but on a failure the item is degraded 1 level.
Sold for 10 Points.

HD Carnium / HD Bradium (Basta in Payon)
Upgrade armor and Weapons from +10 through +20. Uses the normal Rate, but on a failure the item is degraded 1 level.
Sold for 15 Points.

We hope you have happy upgrading!

Race to 150 Update!
As many of you have seen, their are numerous level 150 3rd classes in-game, but you may not realize that almost none of them started a brand new character when the renewal launched!

This means you can still be a winner! You must have a new character that was created after 21st of October, and that character must NOT use the Bloody Dead Branch room or use Marvelous medals to level.

If the character gained exp from those methods it isn't qualified for the Race! So fire up your spirit and go fight for your spot in the hall of honor as one of our first level 150 characters on iRO!

You can still qualify for the "gear being upgraded to +11" prize and interview.

Thanksgiving Events!
Starting on November 24th we have lots of special things happening!

Any conversion of 1000 or more WP Energy to Kafra Points will receive +40% value! This is available Wednesday 11/24 5pm to Monday 11/29 5pm. So stock up now!

Enriched Oridecon and Enriched Elunium will be sold on all servers for 30 pts (105 for a box).

Through December 2nd: He Battle Manuals and Boxes of 30 Insurance will be available too!

The Brandos will be in Rachel, celebrating their Thanksgiving until December 9th.

150% exp event from the Thanksgiving Like-a-Thon event on the Facebook.

And Triple Spawns in Rachel Sanctuary and Geffenia through December 9th!
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