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New from the Kafra Shop!
We have some new permanent additions to the Kafra shop that we want to bring to your attention as well as some special event sales!

From November 18 through December 2nd we will have the following items available!
  • 10x HE Battle Manual Boxes : 600 pts
  • 30x Insurance Package : 225pts / 350pts.
Also we will permanently implement HD Carnium and HD Bradium in the Kafra shop for 15pts each on all servers.

Carnium and Bradium are used to upgrade Armor and Weapons respectively from 10 to 20. When failing an upgrade with regular Bradium and Carnium you run a risk of Breaking the item or having it degrade by 3 refine levels.

However, with HD Carnium and HD Bradium, your chance of Breaking the item is 0. And on a failure you will only degrade 1 level. The success chance is not enhanced. To upgrade with the HD items please visit the Special HD upgrader Dwarf near the Kafra gals in Payon.

Ultimate Last Minute Gift!
Ultimate Last Minute Gift!

Every Ultimate Game Card you redeem between November 8th, 2010 and January 3rd, 2011 will come with a Bonus Item!


The items given will be based on what game is considered your primary game. Items will be given within 3 days of the UGC card being redeemed on the website.

Find a Store Near You that sells the Ultimate Game Card

Services unavailable November 16 1am-3am.
We will be having an ISP maintenance from 1am - 3am Tuesday November 16, to test and potentially resolve an ongoing network problem. All games and websites will be unavailable while this maintenance is underway.

For full details and discussion regarding this maintenance please visit the Maintenance Thread on the forum.

Temporary Disabling of VAS Server Transfers
For the time being we are disabling the VAS server transfer service from Valk -> Ymir. This is due to a tool issue that is causing character data loss when we perform such transfers. The problem is being worked on, but there is not a clear fix it date yet. We are refunding all waiting server transfers, and disabling the creation of new VAS server transfer requests until further notice.

We apologize for any confusion to those that have been waiting, or about to request a server transfer.

Maintenance Date Changes due to Holidays
November and December are months of celebration! And as expected some of those holidays fall on our maintenance days of Thursday. We will be having Maintenance on Wednesdays during those weeks, instead of on Thursday. We will always have someone here at the office, but we will be short staffed on those days due to the holidays.
  1. Wednesday November 10 Veteran's Day.
  2. Wednesday November 24 Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Wednesday December 22 Christmas day.
May your holidays are as full of happiness as we hope they will be!
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